Bloody Shiraz Sour

 A Halloween-inspired cocktail with Shiraz-infused gin and pomegranate juice

This cocktail uses egg whites to create a foam on top. Fresh egg whites work a little better, but carton egg whites are ok too!

Add the lemon juice, pomegranate juice and simple syrup to a cocktail shaker

Add the Bloody Shiraz gin along with cherry bitters and the egg whites

Shake without ice first, then add ice and shake again. Add a cherry into the glass and double strain the drink into the glass. You should get a nice foam on top.

Add a little more Bloody Shiraz gin to a medicine dropper to use as a garnish.

Serve before the sun comes out!


Prep Time: 10 Min

Equipment you'll need:

Cocktail shaker Cocktail strainer(s) Jigger or small measuring cup Serving glass Medicine dropper (optional)

– ¾ ounce egg whites - fresh or carton 1 ounce lemon juice ½ ounce pomegranate juice ½ ounce simple syrup 1 ½ ounce Bloody Shiraz gin (made by Four Pillars) 2 dashes Cherry Bourbon bitters 1 Maraschino cherry for garnish



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