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5 Easy  Orange Juice Cocktails

Orange juice is one of the most underrated citrus ingredients for cocktails. So many recipes default to lemon or lime, but orange juice is so delicious in tons of drinks!

Freshly squeezed orange juice has the best flavor, but you can't beat the convenience of store bought in a pinch.


orange daiquiri

This is one of the easiest and best rum cocktails, with an orange juice twist! Swipe up to grab the recipe.


citrus slush

This is actually a non-alcoholic mocktail, but it has such great flavor! Add a little vodka for an extra kick.


Blood orange Mimosa

So easy, bubbly and delicious! Blood oranges give your mimosa such a beautiful color & flavor.


painkiller cocktail

This is a classic dark rum cocktail with tons of flavor. Fresh orange juice takes it to the next level!


amaretto stone sour

This is a sweet and flavorful cocktail with Amaretto liqueur. Orange juice sets this one apart. Definitely a crowd pleaser!

Come join me to learn all about making cocktails at home! I love sharing elegant and absolutely delicious drink recipes you can make in your home kitchen. Cheers!

Kim @ Charming Cocktails