Fade to Pink, a colorful Gin & Aperol cocktail

Aperol is an amaro, a bittersweet liqueur. It brings a citrusy bitterness and goes really well with the gin.

Start out by adding fresh lemon juice and Aperol to your cocktail shaker.

Add in white rum, simple syrup and Empress gin. The gin will change color from purple to pink due to the lemon juice.

Fill your serving glass with ice. Shake the drink with ice and strain it into the serving glass.

Pour a float of Bloody Shiraz gin and a second float of Empress gin on top of the drink. Then add a mint sprig garnish and serve!

Prep Time: 5 Min

Equipment you'll need:

– Cocktail shaker & strainer – Jigger or measuring cup – Bar spoon (optional, for float) – Cocktail serving glass (Highball) – Ice crusher (optional)

– ½ ounce lemon juice⁣ – ¼ ounce Aperol liqueur – ¾ ounce white rum⁣ – ¾ ounce Empress 1908 Gin – 1 ounce simple syrup – ¼ ounce ⁣Bloody Shiraz gin float – ¼ ounce Empress 1908 Gin float – fresh mint sprig for garnish



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