Cucumber Gin Spritzer

a refreshingly light cocktail


● cucumber  ● lime juice  ● simple syrup  ● lime bitters  ● gin  ● seltzer   

This Cucumber Gin Spritzer is a refreshingly light and easy to make cocktail! Lime and seltzer go perfectly with the cucumber and gin, and it has a touch of sweetener to bring it all together.

Make your cucumber and lime garnishes. Use a vegetable peeler to get a long, thin strip of cucumber, and then place it inside the serving glass.

Add slices of cucumber to a  cocktail shaker. Use a muddler to smash up the cucumber pieces.

Add in the lime juice, simple syrup, gin and bitters.

Then, fill the cocktail shaker with ice cubes. Also, add ice to your serving glass.

Seal your cocktail shaker and shake well, about 15-20 times. Then, strain the drink into the serving glass.

Top the drink with seltzer, garnish with the slice of lime you had set aside earlier, and serve.

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