Hot Apple Cider Cocktail with Rum

How to make a

This comforting cocktail uses spiced apple cider concentrate, also known as boiled cider, so you can enjoy it any time of year

You can build this drink directly in your cocktail serving glass. First pour in the dark rum

Add in the Licor 43 (or vanilla liqueur), apple cider concentrate and cherry bourbon bitters

Top it off with some hot water

Stir it up with a long cinnamon stick and add a whole star anise for garnish

Curl up with a good book and enjoy!

– 1½ oz dark rum – ¾ oz Licor 43 – ½ oz apple cider concentrate – 3 dashes cherry bitters – 3 oz hot water – 1 cinnamon stick for garnish – 1 whole star anise for garnish

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