Lillet Gin Cocktail

A refreshing cocktail featuring Lillet Rosé and Gin

To begin, juice half a lemon and a whole lime and add the fresh juice to your cocktail shaker

Add the Lillet Rosé to the shaker along with gin and simple syrup

Add bitters, and shake everything with ice in a cocktail shaker

Strain into your serving glass, with a slice of lemon on the side of the glass

Top with tonic or seltzer & serve

Prep Time: 10 Min

Equipment you'll need:

Cocktail shaker Cocktail strainer Jigger or small measuring cup Serving glass

– 1 ounce gin – 1½ ounce Lillet Rosé – ½ ounce lemon juice from approximately ½ fresh lemon – ½ ounce lime juice from approximately 1 fresh lime – ½ ounce simple syrup – 1 dash aromatic bitters – seltzer (or tonic)



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