Mulled Wine with Apple Brandy

Mulled wine is the perfect drink for a chilly day. This recipe uses apple brandy and honey to enhance the flavors even more.

Start out by adding a strip of orange peel and the juice of half a large orange to a medium sized pot.

Add mulling spices to the pot along with apple brandy.

Fill the pot with a bottle of red wine.

Once it's warmed up, add a little honey and stir to combine.

Use a ladle and strainer to strain out the mulling spices as you pour the mulled wine into serving mugs.

Prep Time: 15 Min

Equipment you'll need:

1.5 quart or larger pot Jigger or Measuring cup Knife and cutting board Citrus peeler and juicer Serving glass Ladle and strainer

– 1 ounce orange juice – strip of orange peel – ¼ cup mulling spices (cracked whole spices, not powdered) – 1 ounce honey – 3 ounces apple brandy – 1 bottle red wine