an herbal twist on a classic margarita

Sage Margarita

This Sage Margarita is so delicious and perfect for springtime! A fresh sage and lime garnish gives this green cocktail an extra pop of color.


● Reposado Tequila  ● Orange Curacao  ● Sage Syrup  ● Lime Juice 

Cut a fresh lime in half and rub it along the edge of your cocktail glass. Dip the edges of your glass into the salt, rotating the glass to evenly coat the rim.

Juice your lime if you're using a fresh one, and add the lime juice to your cocktail shaker.

Then, add in the sage simple syrup, Orange Curaçao, and tequila to the cocktail shaker.

Fill the cocktail shaker with ice. Add a few fresh sage leaves into the shaker and give it a good shake.

Fill your serving glass with ice and strain the cocktail into the serving glass. Add your prepared garnish and serve. Cheers!

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